Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mazak mazatrol M-32 accelerate and decelerate fix.

For everyone out there that has a problem with there Mazak CNC machine getting the "over voltage" or "insufficient voltage" errors this is one way to fix it. You can slow down the accelerate and decelerate time of the Mazak. The common cause of these errors is variation in the spindle controller voltage. As the spindle accelerates it sucks voltage from the capacitors in the spindle controller and if that voltage drops below a predetermined point then the "insufficient voltage" error pops up and during deceleration the voltage can spike enough to tip the sensor again but on the high side which results in a "over voltage" error. The way that we fixed this problem was to slow down the accelerate and decelerate time. You can so this with parameter J107. It is the time in milliseconds that the spindle will take to accelerate or decelerate. The factory setting is 300 milliseconds. We ended up setting ours at 1750, which seems to have completely solved the problem without sacrificing any speed. I have included a photo what the screen should look like. It is in the par tab, then machine.

Hope this helped you out. I know it was getting very bothersome as ours kept shutting down.


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