Thursday, March 25, 2010

.22 Winchester Auto Ammunition

Did you know there there was a .22 caliber rifle that used a modified version of a .22 LR cartridge? It was called a Winchester 1903. The reason behind the modified cartridge was that at the time of it's release (1903) .22 LR cartridges were mainly constructed using black powder. Winchester designed the semi-automatic 1903 to run on smokeless power which has more power per gram than black powder allowing for a more efficient and faster working action.

Production of the ammunition ceased officially in 1970. Winchester has run small batches of the ammunition since, but nothing to change the rarity of the round. The best place to buy the ammo is on It goes for around $0.80 to $1 a round depending on quality.

The major difference between a .22 Winchester Auto and a .22 LR is the case diameter. The .22 Winchester Auto has a .250" diameter case while the .22 LR has a .225" diameter case. The bullet diameter is also slightly different with the .22 Win being .222 and the .22 LR being .223.

Everything i have read says DO NOT use .22 LR in a Winchester model 1903. It will get jammed in the barrel (not good, don't even think about it).

Hope this information came in handy. If you do get your hands on some .22 Winchester Auto, do not shoot it. There is literally only a finite amount of it left.


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