Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mazak mazatrol M-32 accelerate and decelerate fix.

For everyone out there that has a problem with there Mazak CNC machine getting the "over voltage" or "insufficient voltage" errors this is one way to fix it. You can slow down the accelerate and decelerate time of the Mazak. The common cause of these errors is variation in the spindle controller voltage. As the spindle accelerates it sucks voltage from the capacitors in the spindle controller and if that voltage drops below a predetermined point then the "insufficient voltage" error pops up and during deceleration the voltage can spike enough to tip the sensor again but on the high side which results in a "over voltage" error. The way that we fixed this problem was to slow down the accelerate and decelerate time. You can so this with parameter J107. It is the time in milliseconds that the spindle will take to accelerate or decelerate. The factory setting is 300 milliseconds. We ended up setting ours at 1750, which seems to have completely solved the problem without sacrificing any speed. I have included a photo what the screen should look like. It is in the par tab, then machine.

Hope this helped you out. I know it was getting very bothersome as ours kept shutting down.

Friday, March 26, 2010

All worth it

If you thought you had motivation before children, you will be very supprised at how much you have after.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

.22 Winchester Auto Ammunition

Did you know there there was a .22 caliber rifle that used a modified version of a .22 LR cartridge? It was called a Winchester 1903. The reason behind the modified cartridge was that at the time of it's release (1903) .22 LR cartridges were mainly constructed using black powder. Winchester designed the semi-automatic 1903 to run on smokeless power which has more power per gram than black powder allowing for a more efficient and faster working action.

Production of the ammunition ceased officially in 1970. Winchester has run small batches of the ammunition since, but nothing to change the rarity of the round. The best place to buy the ammo is on It goes for around $0.80 to $1 a round depending on quality.

The major difference between a .22 Winchester Auto and a .22 LR is the case diameter. The .22 Winchester Auto has a .250" diameter case while the .22 LR has a .225" diameter case. The bullet diameter is also slightly different with the .22 Win being .222 and the .22 LR being .223.

Everything i have read says DO NOT use .22 LR in a Winchester model 1903. It will get jammed in the barrel (not good, don't even think about it).

Hope this information came in handy. If you do get your hands on some .22 Winchester Auto, do not shoot it. There is literally only a finite amount of it left.

Monday, March 22, 2010

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

test post

test post

Thursday, March 5, 2009

HL2 Mod Eclipse Install Problems

I recently was trying to install the Half-Life 2 Modification, Eclipse. I downloaded the .zip file from the and unzipped it into the /steam/steamapps/sourcemods/ folder just like the instructions say. Well i could NOT get it to show up in Steam.

For all of you that might stumble across this page with the same problem, here is how i finally fixed it.

Move the file eclipse.fgd, which is located in the /steam/steamapps/sourcemods/eclipse/fgd/ folder, to the main eclipse directory (/steam/steamapps/sourcemods/eclipse/).

Also, the gameinfo.txt file has an error in it (it is located in the /steam/steamapps/sourcemods/eclipse/ folder). I replaced it with the modified file below and it worked great.

You can view or download the text file HERE.

Hope this helped with your problem! I could not find a solution anywhere on the web.


P.S. The only Half-Life game i have installed in steam is Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, not sure if this makes a difference in how the file works, maybe that is why mine didn't not work untill changed? And make sure you restart steam after doing this to make eclipse show up.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Found out the hard way that cod5 is just like cod4. You can not have more than one person per console when playing a LAN match. what are they thinking? back to good old cod3 for LAN parties. this sucks.